Success stories of IOCB

The Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry has a long-term tradition in transferring scientific discoveries into commercial practice. The history of the Institute is lined with numerous successful commercial applications of the results of basic research. From the many, we would like to mention a few which have had the largest impact.

Antiviral Drugs

The chemistry of nucleic acids is a traditional and continuously developing topic at the IOCB. Drugs which currently have major impact in HIV therapy such as Atripla™ and Truvada™ or other antivirotics (Hepsera™) originating from IOCB lab of Prof. Antonín Holý.

Peptidic Drugs

Behind the peptide research at the IOCB, there were mainly three excellent peptide chemists, whose names should be mentioned here: Prof. Josef Rudinger and Dr. Milan Zaoral and Dr. Karel Jost. All three were excellent peptide as well as organic chemists, and peptide chemistry in our country reached the highest and internationally recognized level during their laboratory time.

Natural Substances

Preparation of DERMAZULEN (a commercial ointment with anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and antiseptic properties) and LAFAREX® (juvenile hormone analogue against the pharaoh’s ant) are examples of succesful commercialization of IOCB research.


An integral part of IOCB TTO's duties is the organization and development of spin-off companies on innovative technology platform.