Featured Projects


Three featured projects with self-explanatory videos. Please follow the link and like always if you would like to learn more about the projects and/or IOCB-TTO please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone. DIANA     iBodies – www.ibodies.eu rapid DNA staining

Lipeon pitch at BioVaria 2016


If you are interested in the Lipeon Therapeutics project developed at the IOCB Prag, you can find Martin Fusek’s 5 minutes spin-off panel pitch at BiocVaria 2016 here. For more information contact our IOCB-TTO team info@iocb-tto.cz.

Successful Basel Life Science Week


Successful Basel Life-Science Week for IOCB-TTO, two oral presentations, two poster presentation and one 3rd poster price

new granted US patent


LIPOPOLYAMINES OF SPERMINE TYPE  FOR CONSTRUCTION OF LIPOSOMAL TRANSFECTION SYSTEMS Lukas Drasar and Miroslav Ledvina, from the  Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (IOCB), invented in collaboration with Zina Korvasova and Jaroslav Turanek from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Science Brno,  new lipopolyamines. The scientists developed and validated […]

Awarded US patent


HELQUAT DERIVATIVES, PREPARATION THEREOF, AND USE THEREOF AS MEDICAMENTS Congratulations to  Filip Teply and Mirek Hajek, the patent application for there development of  “Helquat derviates” was granted in The United States. For more information about the patent please follow it on Espacenet. For more detail information on the development of the helquat project and there […]

Patent awarded


IOCB’s “LIPIDATED PEPTIDES AS ANTI-OBESITY AGENTS ” patent was granted in Australia.

IOCB projects selected for oral presentation and Spin-off panel at BioVaria 2016


IOCB’s Lipeon project was selected for the Spin-off Panel at this years BioVaria conference May 17th 2016 in Munich, Germany

Where to meet IOCB-TTO in 2016


A list of events IOCB-TTO members will attend and be happy to meet investors and scientists

IOCB at 1st BioSpot Conference


IOCB projects have been successfully presented at the 1st BioSpot conference in Prague last Wednesday February 24th, 2016.

IOCB projects selected for presentation at BioSpot 2016


IOCB’s iBodies project got selected for oral presentation at the 1st annual BioSpot Conference in Prague, February 24th 2016 at the DOX gallery.